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Vendor Preference

Use the following instructions to set a hierarchy of preferred vendors. This optional feature is only useful when at least two participating vendors have been established in Vendor Maintenance. Note: Because PPG-Autoglass is the only vendor participating with online ordering at this time, we created test vendors in the following sample images for instructional purposes.

To Set Up Vendor Preference

1.        Select Purchasing, Online Ordering Setup, and Vendor Preference from the GlasPacLX menu bar to display the following window.

Note: The vendor at the top of the list will be selected for online ordering unless overridden by another vendor preference option. For example, the Part Vendor Override settings take precedence over Vendor Preference settings.

2.        Highlight a vendor and use the Move Up or Move Down buttons to position the vendors in the list in a descending order of preference. The vendor positioned at the top of the list is considered to be the most preferred. For example, if we want “Test Vendor One” to be at the top of the list, we highlight it and select the “Move Up” button to position it above PPG-Autoglass, as shown in the following example.

3.        When you have finished positioning the vendors in your preferred hierarchy, select the Save button.


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