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Security Setup Overview

The Security module enables you to give your employees access to the tools they need to do their jobs while restricting access to sensitive areas. Access is granted by group, so each user must be assigned to a security group. You set up the groups and control the functions that each group can access.

If there are functions you want only one person to access, create a group for just that person and assign that person and only that person to that group.

You need to know the following information before you can set up your security data.

q        How many different groups of users (employees) you have (determined by the security access types they need to do their work).

q        Which system functions each user group will need to be able to perform.

q        Which reports each user group will need to be able to view and print.

q        Which group each user will belong to.

q        If necessary, print copies of the security windows to use as worksheets.


When you are sure of the required information in the checklist, you are ready to begin setting up your security. Go first to Security Setup for Groups, and when you have completed that, go to Security Setup for Users.


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