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Finalizing a Change Order

After making a final decision on the addition or subtraction of products or services on the pending change order, it’s time to finalize it into a legally binding document. This will not be able to be edited once it is finalized, however, change orders may be created as needed to the contract job.

Upon finalizing the change order, the Job Documents tab of the Contract Job window will show the document type as a finalized change order and new totals will be calculated against the original contract balance in the Job Summary section.


1.        Select Contracts > Open Contract Job to open the Contract Job Finder. Highlight the job you want to open and click on the Select Contract Job button. When the Contract Job window opens, go to the Job Documents tab.

2.        Highlight the pending change order to finalize, and then double-click it or select the Open Document button to display the Pending Change Order for Job window.

Enter the approval information if not done already.

In Approved By, enter the name of a supervisor who can approve this change order.

In Approved Date, use the drop-down calendar to select the date when this change order was approved.

3.        When satisfied with the change order, select the Finalize button to display the following dialog box.

4.        To confirm the finalization of the change order, type the word APPROVED in the field and click the OK button to display the Finalize Change Order window.

5.    The Job Documents tab shows the new finalized change order. Double-click the change order line to see details. The Job Summary section at the bottom of the window combines all similar categories of line items into a summary.

Repeat these steps to create additional change orders.


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