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Purpose: Learn how to import materials, labor codes, or other items directly into the LX estimate. Importing these items can save considerable time and create the estimate much faster.


·      Import materials, labor codes, or other items with costs and quantities directly into an estimate.

·      Make estimates quickly.

·      Reduce data entry and potential transposition errors.

·      Use templates to import saved data with field definitions already done.


Open the Estimate Detail screen shown below.

Enter a Document ID and Description. Notice there are three Tabs to choose from: Materials, Labor, and Other. Select Labor and click the Import Labor List button. This begins the import process.

This has opened the computer’s hard drive and the user can select a spreadsheet or list of labor to import to the estimate. In the screen image below you can see several sample lists, one of which is highlighted for import.

Select Open to view the data on the list you have selected.

Select the Delimiter the data is in, in this sample the data is in a Coma delimiter form. Select Comma for the Delimiter. The preview shows the data in the correct form.

Notice the Import Template Name box which will be remembered the next time data is imported. In the following screens the data is formatted by choice, and the template will store the settings for the next time.

Select Next >.

Now, use the drop-down arrow on each data field to identify what type of data it is. In the sample the description has been selected. Then use the drop-down to tag each of the other data elements for the import.

Note: Material tab data tags are: Part Number, Description, Estimated Cost, and Estimated Quantity.

Labor tab data tags are: Labor Code, Description, Estimated Rate, and Estimated Hours.

Other tab data tags are: ID, Description, Estimated Cost, and Estimated Quantity.

After selecting the data fields from the drop-down, click Finish to import the data into the Estimate Detail screen. Imported data is illustrated in the screen image below. The user will have to fill in the Billing Category and Cost Category from the drop-downs to complete the Labor tab import.

Any of the imported data can be changed to meet the current estimate requirements. The user can continue to import data to the current tab and items will be added or removed to the bottom of the list. Choose another tab and import more items or Summarize to Estimate to finalize the estimate.


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