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Vendor Maintenance

Use the following instructions to set up the acknowledged vendors who you participate with for purchasing and online ordering. Note: At this time, PPG-Auto Glass is the only participating vendor using online ordering. In addition, the vendors you set up here will also be available for selection from a drop-down list on the General Info {F8} and the Inventory Control Receipt Entry windows.

To Set Up Vendor Maintenance

1.        Select Purchasing and Vendor Maintenance from the GlasPacLX menu bar to display the Vendor Finder.

2.        Select the Create New Vendor button to display the following window.

3.        In the “Vendor ID” field, type in a short, identifying code for your vendor. (PPG)

4.        In the “Description” field, type in the full name of your vendor. (PPG-Autoglass).

General Info Tab

Use the General Info tab to enter information about the vendor, such as whether your vendors are internal or buyout, vendor addresses, preferred ordering method, and contact information.

1.        In the “Vendor Type” section, select the option that describes this vendor: internal (company-related), buy-out (external vendor), or stocking only (not used for order part sourcing and PO creation).

2.        In the “Order Autoglass By” section, select your autoglass ordering preference: class or trademark.

Class—Describes a set or categorization of autoglass trademarks (Aft (Aftermarket) and OEM) that are hard-coded into the system. More advanced manual categorization is also available, where you can add your own classes or assign trademarks and classes to specific OEM parts. Note: If any of your vendors are set up to order autoglass parts by Class, all of the Class features and columns will appear throughout the system, replacing the TM (Trademark) columns.

Trademark—This is the more popular setup option, since it is more straightforward and requires less setup and maintenance. Note that when all of your vendors are set up to order by trademark, the class features in several areas of the system are disabled to make it easier and less confusing for you when ordering autoglass.

3.        In the “Address” section, enter this vendor’s address.

4.        In the “Telephones” section, enter this vendor’s phone and fax numbers.

5.        In the “Contact Info” section, enter a vendor contact name, title, e-mail address, and URL.

6.        Select the “Running PO Vendor” option if you want to generate running POs for parts from this vendor. Note: This feature will not work if the “Never do Running POs for this branch” option is selected in PO Configuration.


Editing Vendor Costs

You can create and edit a price list of certain parts that you typically purchase from this vendor. Each time you select one of these parts for an order or for purchase the correct cost that you have worked out with this specific vendor will appear.

Select the Edit Vendor Costs button to display the following window.

·                To add a large number of pricing entries to make and have a ready-made price list in CSV (Comma Separated Value) format from your vendor or other external source, it may save you time to import it.

·                To add only a few select parts to your vendor price list, insert the cursor on a blank line, in the "Part Number" column, and enter a NAGS® part number.

Note: If you enter an incorrect number, GlasPacLX will display a list of suggested part numbers from which to choose. Highlight the item that matches the part number you wanted and choose the Select button.

In the "Net Cost" column, enter your vendor costs for each part. A new line will automatically appear so you can continue to make entries.

To delete a line item, highlight the line and select the Delete button.

When you are finished, select the Save button.

Branch Availability Tab

Use the Branch Availability tab to select branch(es) that can use this vendor. This vendor will appear in PO and IC Item lookups for the branches you select.

1.        Select one of the two following options:

·                Choose the All Branches (Default) option, if you want to assign this vendor to all of your branches. If you only have one branch, then this is the default setting.

·                Choose the Selected Branches option, if you want to assign this vendor to only certain branches. When selected, Branch Availability grid appears, as shown in the previous image.

2.        Under the “Select” column, choose the checkbox next to each branch that you want to assign this vendor to.

Delivery Info Tab

Use the Delivery Info tab to select the default delivery method for this vendor and to enter the number this vendor uses to identify each of your ship to branches.

1.        In the “Delivery Method” field, use the drop-down menu to select the method by which this vendor will deliver products. Your choices are:

·                Scheduled Run—Select this option if you intend to have your vendor deliver your glass orders at a regularly scheduled time. See Note on Number of House in step 7.

·                Will Call—Select this option if you intend to have someone from your shop pick up orders from one of your vendor’s distribution centers.

·                Delivery—Select this option if you expect an external service to be enlisted to handle deliveries.

2.        The “Default Ship To Locations” grid lists available Branch IDs and their associated Default Ship To Names (as selected for this vendor on the Branch Availability tab).

3.        For each branch, under the “Vendor Assigned Number” column, enter the number this vendor uses to identify each branch as its ship to location.

4.        Use the secondary ship to locations grid at the bottom of the Delivery Info window to enter the alternate Vendor Assigned Numbers for the branches listed in the grid, as you did in the “Default Ship To Locations” grid.

To add more lines for this vendor (to the secondary ship to locations grid), select the Insert Item button.

To delete a line for this vendor (from the secondary ship to locations grid), highlight a line item and select the Delete Item button.


Online Ordering Tab

Use the Online Ordering tab to configure the online ordering settings for this vendor.

Note: This image shows the Online Ordering tab with the “Activate Online Features for Vendor checkbox selected.

1.        Select the “Activate Online Features for Vendor” checkbox to display the online ordering settings.

2.        In the “Vendor PID” field, type in the Vendor PID number that you received from GTS. (1004).

3.        In the “Request Time” section enter the usual time you expect the glass to be delivered after ordering it. Your choices are:

·                As Soon As Possible—Select this option to have the vendor deliver the glass ASAP.

·                Number of Hours—Select this option to display the “Hours” field.

In the “Hours” field, enter the number of hours you need the glass delivery to arrive after ordering.

Note: GTS suggests that you set this number to be the time between your scheduled runs. For example, if your scheduled runs are set at 9 a.m., 12 p.m., and 3 p.m. daily, enter 3 in the “Hours” field to ensure that the glass will be delivered at the next possible scheduled run. If the number of hours is too low or too high, you may get a response saying that it cannot be done in time or you may end up receiving the glass too late.

·                Time Next Day—Select this option to display a time selection field.

Use the drop-down list to select the usual time you expect the glass delivery to arrive the day after ordering. For example, 8:00 AM tomorrow morning.


4.        If you want to add or view any reminders or notes about this vendor, select the View Note button at the bottom of the window to display a Note window. Type your comments or edit any existing notes in the box and select the Save Note button. To delete an existing note, select the Delete Note button.

5.        When you are finished, select the Save button.


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