Creating a Contract Job Invoice Follow

Creating a Contract Job Invoice

Purpose: The contract is ready to be billed to the customer either in full or as a “progress” billing. Billing the customer produces a professional “Application and Certificate for Payment” hard copy.


·      Professionally printed output for customer billing.

With the GlasPacLX Contract Job Management utility, the user has the option of creating one invoice for the entire sum of the job or can take advantage of the progress billing capability, which lets the user invoice portions of the contract’s total at intervals for the duration of the job. All invoices for the job are recorded and viewable at any time.

1. Select the Contracts > Open Contract Jobs to open the Contract Job Finder. Highlight the contract to invoice and then click the Select Contract Job button to open the Contract Job window.

Once a contract has been created, start generating invoices for the job by choosing the Billings Tab, illustrated in the image below. Click the Create Progress Billing button to make an invoice.

2. Notice in the Create Progress Billing screen that there are + boxes next to Billing Category. When clicking on the + box, the area will expand to show the Costing Categories breakdown.

Enter a percentage complete in the % Complete column to automatically determine the Work Completed Billing amount in the next field. Enter the dollar amount into Work Completed to derive a % Billed percentage.

The Stored Materials Billing is for any dollar amount intended to charge for storing job-related materials. An example is during the construction or building cycle. This amount is also included on the invoice and will alter % Complete and Work Completed Billing if there is entered a value to it.

Notice the values entered to the fields in the screen image below and how % Complete and Work Complete Billing have been altered automatically because of the value entered in the Stored Materials Billing field.

The AIA Print Option button allows the user to select Print Preview and/or Suppress Notary Public Lines.

Then click the Create Progress Billing button to display the Contract Job Invoice Notes window.

3. Click the Continue button to display the Application and Certification for Payment.

4. Back on the Contract Job window, select the Billings tab to see the invoice just created.

The contract job invoice is an Application and Certificate for Payment and is printed regardless of whether or not retainage is included and is to be given to the customer. If another copy of the invoice needs to be printed, use the View/Reprint button.

5. Click Apply Labor Costs button and Apply Other Costs button to the invoice created.

Choose either of these buttons to apply costs to the invoice created. The screen image below is an illustration of choosing the Apply Labor Costs button. The line item has been selected by placing a check on the line. Note: Change the “Act. Hours” or “Act. Rate” field data if necessary.

Choose “Post Cost” to apply the selected line item to the invoice then review the Job Summary screen to see an updated contract.

Note: The invoice will also appear in the general GlasPacLX Invoice/Cash Sale/Refund Finder. It is possible to open and view the contract job invoice from the finder, however, it is not recommend that the user tries to print it from the Save/Print {F9} window, as the printout will not be formatted correctly. GlasPacLX saves the invoice there strictly for accounting purposes.


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