How to Activate Electronic Dispatching and EDI Invoicing for Gerber National Claims Service Follow

GlasPacLX can now receive dispatches from GNCS as well as provide EDI invoicing.


Here's how to get connected.

1. You will need to provide GTS with any Gerber National Vendor Location IDs so that they can be added to our servers.

You could have up to three IDs depending on which services you use:

Gerber National Claims Service

Gerber National Fleet

Gerber National/Wheels


2. Those numbers will also need to be entered into your GlasPacLX database. Add them to your Branch Setup. Go to Company>Branch Setup.


Select the appropriate branch and double-click or click the [Edit Branch] button.


Select the EDI/Glaxis tab.

Choose the appropriate Destination and click [Lynx IDs]

Click [Insert Item]


Enter the ID numbers and provide the label for them (ie, GNCS, Wheels, GNCS Fleet) . Save this and the click Save to exit the branch setup.

3. If you haven’t already, you will need to add the appropriate accounts to your GlasPacLX Insurance Company (Customers>Insurance Maintenance)list and set them to the appropriate EDI IDs.

Select Trading Partner ID 061. Then Select the appropriate Dispatch Insurer IDs.

NOTE: If you do not see these options, go run an EDI Send/Receive (EDI>Send/Receive). That should bring in an updated list.


One last thing.

There is also a header file to be added to so that the Gerber Dispatches will be branded appropriately (see the first image above). For LX Online customers we will provide that for you. For customers hosting their own database, request this from Support once we have notified you that the servers are updated. 






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