How do I update NAGS from within GlasPacLX Follow

Beginning in GlasPacLX version 7, customers can download and update NAGS entirely from within LX.


A new action security has been added named "Tools: Update NAGS". Only users with this security will be notified of new NAGS releases and be allowed to download and update NAGS.

Update NAGS Tool

When a new version of NAGS becomes available, you will receive a notification upon logging into LX at the start of the day. Accepting the prompt will open the Update NAGS tool. Optionally, this tool can be found under the Tools menu.

When the Update NAGS form opens, it will check what version of NAGS is currently installed on your system. It will also go out and check for the most recent release available for download. In order to download NAGS, you must enter a valid email address linked to your GTS Support account. This email can be saved so it is remembered.

Download NAGS

Check the "Download vehicle and part graphics" checkbox to include NAGS images, and click the "Download" button to begin downloading. This can take a few minutes depending on your connection speed. A message will inform you if the download was successful or if there was an error.

Install NAGS

When the download is finished, the Downloaded Version value will update and the Install button will become enabled. Click the Install button to install the new NAGS and start using it. Doing the NAGS update in two steps allows you to download NAGS but not activate it until a time of your choosing.



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