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New in GlasPacLX Version 7

Let's approach this subject in two parts.

  1. How to apply shapes to orders

  2. How To Maintain Shapes

Applying A Shape To An Order

When applying a dimensional part to an order in GlasPacLX, there is now a drop down where you can select a shape.

Once a shape is selected the dimensional option fields will change from simple length and width to the lengths of all relevant sides to be addressed.

The CSR Notes field is there for any notes deemed necessary or useful by the order creator. This field is an optional one that is enabled in the shapes maintenance tool. The notes will print on the order companion sheet as well as a purchase order created from the workorder.

Clicking [Select] will place the part on the estimate along with the shape as a child item line.

View the line notes: If you highlight the line item for the shape, then click the [Edit Line] button (or double click the gray box on the left edge of the line) you will see the details of the shape along with the CSR notes.

The shape details will print on the order. A companion sheet will also print.


The Companion Sheet will contain the dimensional details of the glass piece and a diagram of the shape. It will also provide space at the bottom designated for handwritten notes.




Maintaining and Adding Shapes

The Shapes finder is located under the Products menu.

There are 49 pre-loaded shapes in the Shape Finder and Maintenance.

To access the maintenance options available, select one of the shapes in the list by highlighting it.

This will activate the options fields below.

  1. You can disable or enable the CSR Shape Notes. Unchecking this will simply remove the CSR notes line that would otherwise appear when this shape is selected on an order.
  2. Trim: These fields relate to the Inventory Control module in GlasPacLX. You can set the trim to account for glass loss beyond the mere cut of the shape. It does not affect the way the part appears on the order, it effects on-hand inventory only.
  3. Pricing: You can add pricing to each shape. The Pricing Types to select from are: % of Parent Part, Flat Amt, or Both.
  4. You can also set a minimum pricing amount in the Min. Amt: field.

Adding New Shapes

You may also add further shapes. Begin by clicking the [Add New Shape] button.

  1. Provide a name for the shape in the Shape Name field.
  2. Select a Sq Ft Calculation from the so-named drop-down field.
  3. Enter the Dimension Prompts. You will see a type or two already selected in the Type column. Enter into the Dimension Prompt fields what you want the prompts to be called when it comes to placing this shape on an order. Move to the next field by using your Enter key or your Tab key. Note: you may enter up to 6 dimensions.
  4. Image: To add an image click the [Add] button and select either a JPG, PNG, or BMP image file to import.
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