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What Is The ECI Tab?

ECI stands for Estimate, Customer, Insurance. It is a combination of the most important fields from those three tabs and was designed based on feedback from customers who operate under a call center format. It's purpose is to get many of the most important fields onto one page so that CSRs could create and schedule orders without having to click through several tabs.

 Where Is My ECI Tab?

 In order to employ the ECI tab it needs to be enabled. This is found in the Order Entry Settings. Company>Settings>Application Settings>Order Entry Settings. Note: if you are still using version 6.31 of GlasPacLX this will be found in the General Application Settings.

Once enabled, the order form will have the ECI {F4} tab.

The Customer information makes up the top section of this page. The Estimate is in the center of the page. The Insurance information is below the Estimate section.

If you use the Job Areas/Daily Scheduler module in GlasPacLX you can have the Weekly Scheduler displayed on the ECI screen. The setting to enable that is found in the Scheduler Settings: Company>Settings>Application Settings>Scheduler Settings. (Note: Capacity needs to be set to Installer for this to work)

The Weekly Scheduler will display on the bottom of the ECI screen when an associated zip code is used in the Install Address (aka Ship To Info on the Customer {F6} tab). It displays capacity per Job Area, and can be expanded to display capacity per Installer. But even more importantly…

…it will also open up the Job Area Appointments window. To do this, double-click on the Job Area or Installer line on the desired day (note the date columns).

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