Auto Glass Conference Room Wireless HDMI adapter Follow

These instructions are for Windows 10 only. If your laptop is running iOS, or Windows 7/8, then you'll need to continue using the HDMI or VGA cables.

Power on the projector

Before you can use the new Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter (MWDA), the projector needs to be powered on. Once the screen appears with instructions on how to connect, you can continue connecting you device.

Connecting Windows to the MWDA

Built in to Windows 10 is the connector for wireless display and devices.

In the bottom right of your screen, click on the "text balloon" icon .

The Action Center menu will slide out, and have several options listed at the bottom of the screen. Click on the Connect button.

When the Connect menu slides out, let it scan for the wireless adapter.

Click on the MSDisplayAdapter_5D option. The projector screen should say Connecting to <your_computer_name>. After about 15 to 30 seconds the screen should display a copy of your desktop.

Disconnecting from the MWDA

Once you've finished using the projector, make sure to disconnect from the wireless adapter.

Repeat the steps above until you arrive at the Connect menu. There will be a Disconnect button displayed under the adapter name. Click this button to end your session.

Power off the projector

Make sure to hit the power button TWICE to shut down the projector. The projector bulbs can cost up to $300, so please make sure you power off the projector when you're done.


If you have any problems connecting please try these options:

  • If this is your first time using the wireless adapter, try connecting a second time. The adapter may have to setup configuration on your laptop.

  • The wireless adapter only has about a 20 foot range, so make sure you stay within the conference room when connecting.

  • If you are running Windows 7 or 8, or using a Mac laptop, please use the HDMI or VGA cables provided.

  • When using the provided cables, you will need to change the input type by tapping the Source button on the projector's remote control.

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