Introducing Stock Sheet Conversion in GlasPacLX Version 7 Follow

There is now a way to directly convert recorded stock sheets of flat glass into accounted square footage in the Inventory Control module. Historically the process was done manually. For example, if a user wanted to convert one 36” x 72” sheet of Clear Annealed glass to 18 sf of inventory in order to source to an order, historically they would need adjust out the one sheet of 36” x 72” using a Standard Stock Adjustment, and then adjust in 18 square foot units in the same fashion. However, the conversion tool makes this process more convenient and intuitive.

In order to implement this you will need to relate the stock sheet(s) to its cut glass version by using the Stock Conversion section in its product setup window (aka Flat Glass Maintenance window).

Click the ellipse  button and select the Product ID of the cut glass.

Enter the number of units equal to the stock sheet. For example: one sheet of 36 x 72 inches is 18 square feet.

With these settings in place stock sheets that are in inventory or about to be received into inventory can then be converted to units via Stock Conversion.

Select the stock sheet by its IC Item number (note: the thickness will be indicated after the hyphen at the end).

Enter the amount of stock sheets to convert in the Amount field.

Click [Add Line].

Once [Save Batch] is clicked the conversion will be completed. Multiple stock conversions can be made in one batch.

Stock sheets can also be converted during a PO receipt. When a stock sheet that has been set up correctly (see above) is received on a purchase order, the user will be prompted with a message asking if they would like to convert the stock. Selecting [Yes] will open the Convert Stock window.


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