Clearing GlasPacLX upsize errors on Binswanger's database Follow

After upgrading GlasPacLX on either the Binswanger live or test server, you may get errors during the upsize process.

The error message is going to be something like this:

Error (5255) ERROR: The statistics 'dtastat1016494800324' is dependent on column 'Quantity'. ALTER TABLE ALTER COLUMN Quantity failed because one or more objects access this column. - Alter Column: Alter Column [ICTransSOHRelationship].[Quantity] from int to decimal

Check the Error Log

Browse to <driveletter>\GTS\GlasPacLX\Logs\GTSDBUp.log and open the file in Notepad. Scroll down through the log and look for lines similar to the error message above. Note the section between the sigle quotes ('dtastat############'). This entry will be used in the next section.

Drop Statistics

Log on to the database server and then log on to SQL with the sa user. Select the GlasPacLX database, and click the New Query button.

Enter the following command:

DROP STATISTICS [dbo].[ICTransSOHRelationship].[<_dta_stat_number>]

Replace the dtastat_number section above with the actual statistic from the error log. Run the query using the exclamation point (!) button.

Re-run the upsize on the database. If you get further statistic errors, use the SQL query to clear them.

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