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Cash Drawer is a feature added in GlasPacLX 7.



There are four new Action Security options related to Cash Drawer.



If a user has security for Cash Drawer, they will see menu options under the main Orders menu.


Cash Handling Configuration

The Cash Handling Configuration form is used to set some options for how Cash Drawer works. The options are as follows:

  • Starting Float - Starting float is the amount expected to be in a drawer at the starting count for the drawer. This amount is then removed from the drawer totals when it is counted out.
  • Count Currency on Start - Determines if starting a new cash drawer shows the full current counting details.
  • Count Currency on Close - Determines if closing a cash drawer shows the full current counting details.
  • Start a New Drawer on Close - Determines if a new cash drawer is automatically opened upon closing of the current drawer.
  • Create a deposit when closing out a drawer - Automates the process of filling out a deposit. When this option is enabled, when a drawer is closed the user will be taken directly into the deposit screen.
  • Include Payments on Account in drawer - When this option is disabled, do not include the amount of any payments on account in the drawer. Hold these to be included when making the deposit, or to be deposited separately from the cash drawer.


Starting a New Cash Drawer

Select the menu option to start a new cash drawer. The form will ask you to enter the starting amount of money in the drawer. Depending on the configuration, the form will ask for a single value or for the counts of each type of currency. Once the values have been entered, click Start Drawer to begin the drawer. Each branch can have one open branch at a time.


Closing a Cash Drawer

Select the menu option to close the currently open cash drawer. The form will ask you to enter the cash counts of the drawer, similar to when the drawer was opened. The Total Cash field will calculate to difference from when the drawer was opened. Additionally you can enter total check and credit card amounts. Confirm to close the drawer. Closing the drawer will bring up the Drawer Over/Under form. This form will compare the entered counts to what is expected based on payments received during the time that the drawer was open.


Make Deposit

Based on configuration you may be taken directly to deposit form upon closing the drawer. You can also do this by choosing the menu option. The deposit form allows you to record bank deposits and tie a deposit to one or many cash drawer instances.


Paid Out / Expenses

The Paid Out Expenses form is opened from the menu option. This form is used to keep track of expenses paid out of the cash drawer so that they are accounted for when doing final counts when the drawer is closed. Available types of expenses are setup using the admin form found under the Accounting menu. When setting up an expense type, you can define a limit that can be taken out.











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