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New in GlasPacLX 7 is the ability to lookup a vehicle's VIN based on a license plate number. This feature has to be turned on in General Application Settings and the terms in the popup must be accepted.

Enabling this feature will allow GlasPacLX to contact CarFax® to retrieve VIN data for an entered license plate. In exchange, information about repairs and replacements will be sent to CarFax® to enhance vehicle history. Personal information like customer names and pricng information will not be sent. The exact information sent is as follows:

  • Invoice number
  • VIN
  • License plate
  • License state
  • City where job took place
  • State where job took place
  • If insurance job or not
  • Invoice date
  • Installation date
  • What happened (ex. Windshield Replaced, Windshield Repaired, Quarter Glass Replaced, etc.)
  • Aftermarket or OEM.
  • Cause of Loss


Using License Plate Lookup

License plate lookup can be called from three places within order entry: the NAGS Catalog form and the vehicle section of the Customer and ECI tabs. Simply enter the license plate number and state and click the Lookup button. If a VIN is found, it will populate into the VIN field and GlasPacLX will automatically to decode this to determine the Year/Make/Model/Style.

The first time using license plate lookup at a branch, you will be prompted to proceed with the creation of a CarFaxId for that branch. Your unique id will be generated and an account request will be sent to CarFax®. It may take them between 3-24 hours to process this request before license plate lookup may be used.


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