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GlasPacLX and associated apps write to several log files which are found the GTS\GlasPacLX\Logs directory. Some of these logs are for diagnostic reasons and are only written to when a flag in the database has been set. This flag is usually a record in the DataList table with a Name and a Value set to True. In LX, once a log file hits 2 MB, it is turned into an archive file (.arc) and new log file is started. Logs created by the ComApp may have a different size limit (generally 10 MB) and are turned into a .log.old file. Here is a list of some of the logs:

GlasPacLX logs

GlaspacLX.log - Default log file used by GlasPacLX. Various messages and errors are written here.

GPLXErr.log - GlasPacLX Error log. Any time the error form pops up, details about the error are written to this log.

GTSDBUp.log - Database Upsize log. Actions that occur during the upsize process are written to this log. If an error occurs during upsize, details about the error and which script failed can be found in this log.

LXUpCond.log - After an upsize, the final status is written to this log. This log includes details about the database instance that was upsized.

AcctSync.log - This log is written to by the account integration application launched from LX. This app is also sometimes called LXSync or DataMax and is the app that exports IIF files.

GpkLXErr.log - This is another GlasPacLX error log. These are usually errors dealing with connecting to the database. If LogMapsXMLData is turned on in the configurationmanager, then maps xml data will be written to this log.

GlasPacLXAttachments.log - 6.31 - The document attachments form writes to this log. In LX 7 this form has been incorporated into LX and this log file is no longer used.

TestAllReports.log - Errors that occur while running a report are written here.

TwoStepTxfr.log - 6.31 - Optional Diagnostic log for events related to two-step transfer. Key=2StepTxfrTracking

GTSTimeStamps.log - 6.31 - Optional Diagnostic log to capture when events are firing. Key=TimeLogging

DocumentSaveTracking.log - 6.31 - Optional Diagnostic log that logs when orders are saved. Key=DocumentSaveTracking

DocumentTotalSaveTracking.log - 6.31 - Optional Diagnostic log that writes totals data when an invoice is created. Key=DocTotalsTracking

PurchaseOrderTracking.log - Optional Diagnositc log that logs when some actions dealing with purchases orders occur. For example, when POConfig is updated. Key=PurchOrderTracking

PilkingtonPasswordChange.log - 7 and higher - Writes messages dealing with changes in the Pilkington onoline ordering password.

SourcingScreenTracking.log - 6.31 - Optional Diagnositc log that records when a thread is started to check for online order results. Key=SourcingTracking

VertexCalls.log - 6.31. - Optional Diagnositc log that logs calls to Vertex. Key=VertexCalls

VertexErrors.log - 6.31 - Vertex errors are written to this log.


ComApp logs

ComApp.log - Default log file for the ComApp. Beginning in LX 7, some messages that used to be written to this log are now written to a more specialized log file.

GTSStatus.log - The status file is used to write the last 30 status events to be displayed in the ComApp admin tool. These will be messages like "Service Stopped".

LXMobile.log - 7 and higher - Requests and responses for LXMobile are written to this log. Other messages pertaining to LXMobile also appear in this log.

Dispatches.log - 7 and higher - When dispatches are received, a line is written to this log with the MessageID and Dispatch number.

WebQuotes.log - 7 and higher - Writes a message as GlassQuoter webquotes are received.

ExtWebQuotes.log - 7 and higher - Messages dealing with processing External Web Quotes are written to this form. This is a feature that is currently only used by Techna.

VreTestMode.log - 7 and higher - When in Glaxis Test Mode, appointment status update requests and responses will be written to this log instead of actually being sent to Glaxis.

ScheduleUpdateTestMode.log - 7 and higher - When in Glaxis Test Mode, schedule updates will be written to this log instead of actually being sent to to Glaxis.

EmailTestMode.log - 7 and higher - When email test mode is turned on, emails will be written out to this log instead of being sent.

ExtDocExportTestMode.log - 7 and higher - When Test Mode is turned on for ExernalDocumentExport in the Partners tab, then external document exports will be written to this log file instead of actually being exported.

ComAppServiceTrace.log - Sometimes used by development to do diagnostics tracing.


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