How do I suggest new features or changes for Ritty? Follow

So, you've been using Ritty, and have a great idea for a new feature or change to a current feature that would make the application even better. But, who do you contact in order to offer your new idea?

Signing on to User Voice for Ritty

Ritty users can access the User Voice website to offer new suggestions for features and changes. You can also vote on suggestions made by other user that you think would make Ritty even better.

Click here to access the User Voice website. You'll need to sign in to the site to vote or add your ideas, so click the sign in link in the upper right corner of the website. Enter your email address, and if you don't have an account, you'll be asked to type your name, and click the sign up button. Returning users will only need to enter their email address and click the sign in link. You can set a password for your account by clicking on the Settings link.

Adding and voting for suggestions on User Voice for Ritty

Once you've signed in, click on the How can we improve Ritty? link. Look through the ideas listed to see if someone else may also have had the same idea for a Ritty improvement. If your idea is already listed, go ahead and click the Vote button for it. You can search for suggestions by typing your idea in the Enter your idea field. If your idea isn't listed, go ahead and type your idea on the Enter your idea field if you haven't already done so. A Describe your idea box will open to allow you to add any additional information. Click the Post idea button to add your suggestion to the website.

Do you have suggestions for new features or changes to Ritty? Click here to have your voice heard.

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