When a customer wants to upgrade to a newer version of QuickBooks Follow

Use this document as a guide for when a customer requests a QuickBooks upgrade.

Customer Responsibility

Customers are responsible for purchasing any new QuickBooks licenses. Licenses can be purchased directly from Intuit, or from a secondary vendor (Amazon.com, Best Buy, Office Depot, etc). QuickBooks Professional should be available from any secondary vendor, but not all vendors will stock QuickBooks Premier. QuickBooks Enterprise is only available directly from Intuit.

Prior to installing any version of QuickBooks, GTS must receive a copy of the QuickBooks Licensing Compliance Letter from the customer. This agreement is required for hosting the software in our GTS Online environment. A copy of the license email from Intuit is not sufficient for us to install the update. When the license letter is recieved from the customer, it should be attached to a Zendesk ticket, which should then be assigned to the Systems team.

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