Data Domain File System Layout Follow

With the deployment of the new DD2200 appliances at both HIO and SLC, the file system structure and layout has been given a clean start to make better use of some of the features available on the appliances.

Previously on the DD660 appliances, all backups (vRanger, SQL and ad-hoc) were placed directly on the default file system namespace of /backup. Directories were created on each appliance to carve up daily and monthly vRanger backup repositories, one for SQL backups and another for SyncToy backups. This required individual directory replication contexts to be created and could lead to one replication context stepping over each other for priority.

On the new DD2200, the flat namespace has been broken up into two primary MTrees on each appliance: /backup and /vranger. Also on each appliance are replica MTrees used to house data replicated from the other Data Domain and are named /<Prefix>-backup and /<Prefix>-vranger. MTrees provide for more efficient replication algorithms while still providing the same global deduplication/compression advantages of a flat namespace.

The primary /vranger MTree on each Data Domain appliance is explicitly used for vRanger and DDBoost. Although the default sysadmin user has access to the data, only the local vranger user account has full access to the data. Within vRanger, a single backup repository is used for all backup jobs.

The primary /backup MTree on each Data Domain is used for SQL database backups and are accessible as a CIFS share. SQL backups are to be stored under the SQL directory under /backup. The primary /backup MTree is also used as a SyncToy replication proxy and is stored under the SyncToy directory under /backup.

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