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We at GTS are committed to our client's success. When you sign up for GlaxPacLX or LX Online, we dedicate a representative to work with you. That representative, your Customer Success Manager, will help you with installation, configuration and basic use and setup questions. We are regularly updating our training curriculum to help you master this robust tool.


A 'standard' implementation timeline is usually 3 to 4 weeks, though years of experience tell us that it's difficult to define an official 'standard'. Just like our clients, every implementation has its own features and nuance. There are features and configuration options that can increase or decrease the time it takes to get your crew fully up to speed.

Also, a lot depends on the pace you want to set for yourself. We know you have a business to run while setting up your new POS system. We strive to move with you at your pace and make it as seamless for you as possible.

There is commonly some data-entry as part of the process (customer lists, price agreements, etc.). Don't worry though, we help with guidance at each step. If you have some team-mates who will be responsible for entering information, we can help you get them going as well.

If you're only going to be using a sub-set of the available features of GlasPac, you might zip through the training faster. If you have experience with GlasPac and just want to brush-up on a specific topic, you will likely get up to speed much faster as well.

You are always free to skip around, jump ahead or focus on any topic you'd like at any time throughout the process. We're flexible. :)



We have designed our training curriculum to follow an iterative, step-by-step approach. Through conference calls while sharing your screen, we present portions of the material and introduce basic use concepts. You have the opportunity to 'take the wheel' and test drive what we review together. Then, you can start using, practice and test those features right away. After that, our next training session gives you a chance to ask questions before we introduce the next segment in the training sequence.

Here's a list summary of our training process. Further explanation below.

  • 01.A Install/Login-Training
  • 02.A Customers Discounts and EDI
  • 03.A Quickbooks
  • 04.A Vendors Inventory and GoLive

Section Explanations:


Online Call Duration: 20 to 40 minutes.

During this call, we help configure your browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox) for secure connection, help install your PCL5 or PCL6 compatible printer on our servers and introduce the basic organization and function of GlasPac.

Here is a wiki article explaining Printer Command Language (PCL).

Here is a link to our System Requirements page.

On Premise Call Duration: 40 to 80 minutes.

This is very much like our Online call. The main difference is that we help you install GlasPac on your own system, register the database and activate your license. We also help connect your compatible printer with the application and introduce the basic organization and function of GlasPac.


We also introduce you to the basics of Order Entry, creating your first quote, navigating the tab-based order structure, entering basic customer records, insurance/standard order types, required fields, etc.

We will also touch on basic tax code setup in GlasPac, and review your needs with regard to applying tax rates to your orders, if needed. After you set up the Tax Maintenance, Tax Venue and Tax-by-Zip details in your installation of GlasPac, you may find your work-load in calculating taxes on individual orders is significantly decreased. One of the many ways in which GlasPac can help lighten the load on your day-to-day activities. 

At the end of this session, you have access to all basic functions of GlasPac and can begin using the application. We will follow up with an email and links to related training videos and reading material. Once you've had a chance to review these materials, we can schedule our next session together.

02.A Customers, Discounts and EDI

Call Duration: 60 to 90 minutes.

Here's where we may dig a little deeper into the basics of setting up your customer, and tying them to Discounts (pricing agreements) in GlasPac. This streamlines your pricing to clients and simplifies the process of quoting your clients. You may have a walk-in client, to whom you want to give a competitive price, or you might have a regular client that gives you repeated business, and want to offer him a discount. After you've set up GlasPac to price your products and services to each client, the guess-work of order entry is minimized.  

If you have submitted your completed EDI/Lynx/Safelite form by this time, (Link here), we will set up the Lynx servers and confirm when setup is complete. Then, we help with configuration of your GlasPac license so you can use some of the online ordering features.

We find that our clients often have business rule questions at this point. GlasPac is a very robust tool and has many configuration options. If you need certain functionality out of GlasPac that you don't see immediately available in the feature set, we have a group of super users, or gurus, that may help develop solutions to get you the functionality you need.

03.A Quickbooks

Call Duration: 60 + minutes.

If you've registered your software to work with our hosted version of Quickbooks or if you are hosting Quickbooks on your own, we have a dedicated Quickbooks expert on staff to help. These experts have support backgrounds with Intuit and can help with the basic integration of GlasPac and Quickbooks and introduce you to the QB to LX process.

If GTS is going to host your Quickbooks license, we'll need you to edit and submit a hosted-license agreement along with the product number and license number information.

04.A Vendors Inventory and GoLive

Call Duration: 60+ Minutes

We will guide you through the processes on GlasPac that work with Vendor and Inventory Maintenance and the basics involved. Creating Purchase Orders, Setting up Inventory, and optional features like setting up price-lists.

That's it. Having gone through this process, you're equipped you to go and do the work you need to do.


Our GTS Customer Success department is generating and publishing new materials regularly. We are also planning a reformat of our knowledge base to make the material easier to navigate and consume. We welcome your suggestions at any time.

If you have any questions, you can always reach our Support department at 800-563-8555.



2016_05_09 UPDATE: Streamlining & Updating. ~C

2016_04_18 UPDATE: Through experience with our clients and their preferences, we're working to further streamline this process. You'll see some consolidation and sorting of the process in the coming weeks. ~C

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