How do I filter and search lists in Ritty? Follow

Finding information in long lists of orders, customers, or pricing agreements can be difficult. Ritty gives you a couple of tools to help make finding what you're looking for easier.


On the Pricing Agreements and Customers screens you'll find an icon that allows you to filter entryies by weather they have an active or inactive status.

In the upper right of these screens, select the filter icon . The filter icon will slide to the left, and a drop-down field will appear. Select the down arrow to select All, Active, or Inactive agreements or customers, depending on which screen you're on. The list will change to show only those agreements or customers that fit your selected criteria.

To clear the filter and return to the full list, select All from the drop down box, and then select the X icon. The X appears to the right of the filter button when filtering is activated.


On the Order List, Pricing Agreements, and Customers screens you'll find an icon that allows you to search by the various fields diplayed on that screen.

In the upper right of the above screens, select the search icon . A search field will display to the left of the search icon. Type in any search criteria that would be shown in any of the columns on the screen. As you type, the list of items will change to fit your search criteria. If the information you've entered doen't fit with any results, no items will display.

To clear the search results, delete out your search criteria, and then select the X icon that appears next the search icon.

Fiter and Search Indicators

Your Filter and Search options will continue being displayed until you've cleared them or moved to a new screen. As a reminder of what's being filtered or searched, indicator infomation is displayed to the left of the icons.

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