Installing SQL Express 2014 SP1 Follow

In order to install SQL on Windows 10, you will have to use SQL 2014. Earlier versions of SQL are not supported and installation will fail if you attemp to install them on Windows 10. This document will walk you through the steps necessary to install SQL 2014 Express SP1 on Windows.

Download the installation file from Microsoft

Open your web browser and copy or type the following address

Click the red Download button Choose "ExpressAndTools 64BIT\SQLEXPRWTx64ENU.exe" Download the file

Installing SQL 2014 Express SP1

Starting the Install

Right-click on ther file that you downloaded, and select Run as administrator. Click Yes on the Security warning message.

  • On the left side of the SQL Server Installation Center screen, click on Installation.
  • Select the New SQL Server stand-along installation ... option

  • Click on the I accept the license terms box, and then click Next.

  • Check the Use Microsoft Update to check for updates to obtain the newest patches for SQL Express 2014.
  • Click Next to continue.

Selecting Fetures

  • Leave all default Features selected, and click Next.

  • Select the Named Instance option, and enter GTS. Click Next to continue.

Selecting the Service Account Name

GlasPacLX will not crete the database correctly if the SQL Service is not running under the correct Account Name. Use these steps to select the correct account.

  • Using the Startup Type dropdown menu next to SQL Server Browser, select Automatic. (screen shot below does not display this change)
  • Use the Account Name dropdown menu next to SQL Server Database Engine to select <<Browse..>>.

  • Verify that the From this location: field lists the local computer name.
  • Use the Locations... button if the computer name is not set correctly.
  • Click the Advanced button.

  • Click the Find Now button to display a list of available user accounts.

  • Scroll down through the list and locate LOCAL SERVICE, and select it.
  • Click the OK button to accept your selection.

  • Click OK again to return to the Server Configuration screen.
  • Notice that the SQL Server Database Engine's Account Name is now 'NT AUTHORITY\LOCAL SERVICE'.
  • Click Next to continue.

Set the Authentication Mode

By default, SQL uses Windows Authentication mode to manage SQL. However, GlasPacLX needs to have the sa account setup and the password set.

  • Select the Mixed Mode... option.
  • Enter the standard GlasPacLX sa password on each of the password lines.
  • Click Next.

Completing the Installation

At this point, SQL Server will finish installing. On the Complete screen, verify that all Features have a status of Succeeded.

Enable SQL Protocols

For stand alone systems, the following steps are not necessary, but it is suggested that you complete them for all installations of SQL Server.

  • Click the START button, and select All Apps.
  • Scroll down to the Microsoft SQL Server 2014 folder.
  • Launch the SQL Server 2014 Configuration Manager application.
  • Locate and expand the SQL Server Network Configuration entry.
  • Click on Protocols for GTS.
  • On the right hand side of the screen, right-click on Named Pipes, and select Enable.
  • Click OK on the Warning screen.
  • Repleat the previous two step for TCP/IP.

  • Click on SQL Server Services.
  • Right-click on SQL Server (GTS), and select restart.

Once the SQL Server (GTS) service has finished restarting, you can continue with the installation of GlasPacLX.

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