LX Mobile 1.41 Release Notes Follow

LX Mobile v1.41 Release Notes


This document lists new features and software updates/fixes for the LX Mobile v1.41 update.

You can now send jobs to the mobile technicians that are not Auto specific.

Software Updates/Fixes

Case Number



LX Mobile - Mobile Receipt Showing Incorrect Total when On Account


On Account payments will be correctly displayed on emailed receipts.


LX Mobile - Sketch/Note option


You can now add sketches to an order in the field and save them with the order similar to photos.


LX Mobile - When an order doesn't have any auto parts on it, don't require vehicle details


When no vehicle is included on the order, vehicle-related fields are hidden and not required. This opens up the ability to send flat glass jobs to technicians on their mobile device and allows them to complete jobs without requiring Auto-related fields to be filled in.


LX Mobile - Incorrect payment amount (rounding)


Fixes to how rounding is done to prevent incorrect payment amounts. Corrects .01 rounding difference between GlaspacLX and LX Mobile application.


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