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The Customer Data 'Snap-Shot' Effect

When entering jobs that will invoice via EDI, proper configuration of your customer data ahead of time is vital.

If after you enter a quote/work-order, the EDI settings are changed, the new EDI settings may not propagate out to the order level. This can lead to errors popping up when trying to Batch and Submit EDI invoicing. Though your client insurance company information may be correctly configured, the individual order is still relying on old data.

To resolve this,

1 - Open your Quote/Work-Order and go to the Estimate tab.

2 - Temporarily change the customer over from the current customer to any other. Then, switch it back to the proper client. (ie: [CLIENT X] > [CLIENT Y] > [CLIENT X]). This forces GlasPac to re-link to the customer profile and should resolve this issue.

After this, be sure to confirm that the resultant pricing is correct. If the order in question is not pulling from a Discount ID, pricing may get adjusted through this process. If you are using a specific Discount ID, your pricing should remain accurate through these steps.

Thanks again for choosing GTS!

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