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Ritty has a host of options that you can access via icons. These icons are available throughout the application, but their purpose may not be apparent. This document will help you to identify your options when you see one of these icons.

The Options icon

The Options icon is visible on every screen in Ritty. It's located in the upper left of the screen, and looks like three horizontal lines. It is also known as "the hamburger".

Using the Options icon, you can navigate to any of the following screens in Ritty:

  • New Order
  • View Orders
  • Account Settings
  • Pricing Agreements
  • Customer Records
  • Scheduler
  • Reporting

The FAB icon

When you're creating a new order, you'll see an orange button that moves with you as you scroll through your order. This is the Floating Action Button or FAB.

When you click on the **FAB**, four additional icons will appear:

  • Create New Order - Your current Order is saved, and a new blank order is created.
  • Email Order - Ritty uses the customer's email address to send out a copy of the order.
  • Print Order - An image of the order is created for you to print.
  • Finalize Order - This order becomes locked, and only the customer's contact information can be updated.

Icons on the Order List screen

The icons on the Order List screen are meant to assist you in either finding orders that you've already created or to creating new orders.

Search Orders - Search your orders by Order Number, Customer Name, Zip Code, or Created by name.

Create New Order - You're taken to the New Order screen.

Icons on the Pricing Agreements & Customers screens

Similar to the Order List screen, the Pricing Agreements adn Customers screens give you icons that allow you to search and add new items. Additionally, these screens have an icon which allows you to filter the list of entries.
Search - Allows you to search for agreements or customers.

Filter - Lists agreements or customers based on their status.

  • All - Every agreement or customer that you've created will be displayed
  • Active - Only active agreements or customers will be displayed
  • Inactive - Agreements and customers that you've inactivated will be displayed

Create New - A new Pricing Agreement or a new Customer screen will be opened for you.

The final icon on the screen allows you to move between screens if you have a large number of agreements or customers.

The four icons allow you to do the following: * Move to the first screen in the list * Move back one screen * Move forward one screen * Move to the last screen in the list

The Sorting icon

Each of the screens that contain a list of items (Order List, Pricing Agreements, Customers), has an icon which allows you to do an alphabetical/numerical sort on each field.

As you select a column heading, the arrow icon will appear. Clicking on it will resort the list from lowest to highest, or highest to lowest entry depending on how many times you select this icon.

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