Why QuickBooks 2016 crash when I am running the Integration Tool? Follow

While running the accounting integration tool with QuickBooks 2016, the tool causes an unrecoverable error and crashes QuickBooks when it reachs the Customer Balance portion. The problem is caused by a known bug in QuickBooks 2016. Intuit is already working on a fix for this bug. Until the Intuit fix is ready, the following instructions will provide a work around to aleviate the issue.

Work around instructions

Stop and Close the GlasPacLX Integration Tool
Close QuickBooks 2016
Open File Explorer, and browse to C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks
Right-click on the qbsdk.ini file, and select Edit
Add the following lines of code to the bottom of the qbsdk.ini file


Save and exit out of the editor
Re-Launch QuickBooks, and run the Integration Tool again


The following website outlines the Intuit bug, and their instructions: QuickBooks 2016 crashes when doing a SDK request

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