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You're probably wondering "What is Ritty?" and "Why do I want Ritty?" This document is meant to help answer those questions and show you the benefits that Ritty can provide to your company.

What Ritty is...

Ritty is a brand new, cloud-based point-of-sale application from GTS Services. We're focusing on three core values as we build this next-generation platform: fast (stable), flexible (easy), and anywhere (anytime).


A cloud application is run over the Internet. Using a cloud application has a host of benefits over traditional software:

  • You won't have to install Ritty on your local computer
  • You can work from anywhere that has an Internet connection
  • You aren't limited by a brand of Operating System or device. Use any of these:
    • Android & Apple phones
    • Android, Apple & Microsoft tablets
    • Apple Macintosh & Microsoft Windows computers
  •  All you need is a supported Internet browser (Chrome, FireFox, or Internet Explorer)


What Ritty can do...

Ritty allows you to do the following in an easy to use interface:

  • Quickly Create Orders
  • Schedule jobs for your installers
  • Map out how to get to your customer's location
  • Setup Pricing Agreements for contracted customers and walk-ins
  • Bill Insurance companies
  • Manage employee access

See how Ritty works

Please watch the following short video for a demonstration of the features of Ritty.

What does Ritty mean?

Ritty is named after James Ritty who invented the first cash register in 1917.

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