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You may need to send files that are too large for the GoToAssist file transfer feature.  The GTS FTP server has been setup for the purpose of assisting you and the GTS support staff with moving files between locations.


The FTP protocol connection, while good on its own, can be disrupted by internet slowness or timeouts.  To reduce any possible issues when uploading files, please use an FTP client like FileZilla.  This article uses FileZilla screens as examples of uploading files to GTS.  FileZilla can be downloaded from

Sending Files to GTS

Launch the FileZilla application.  In the Host field, enter

A GTS Customer Support technician will provide you with the username and password.  Leave the Port field blank, and then click the Quickconnect button.

Once the connection has been established, the FTP file locations will display in the Filename section of the Remote site column.  Your hard drive(s) will display on the left column under Local site.

In the right hand column, under Remote site > Filename, double-click on inbound folder to open it.  Locate the file that you plan to send to GTS and right-click on the file.  Select Upload from the list of options.

At the bottom of the screen you will see a status bar that will tell you how that status of your upload, including the filename, local location, remote location, and size of the file.

Once this status bar disappears, and you do not see any red Error text at the top of the screen, then your file has been successfully sent to GTS.

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