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   Do you feel like an expert yet? No? That's OK. There's more. This is the fourth video training series for the new GlasPacLX user. If you have not already reviewed our first three series: Getting Started, Order Entry and Discounts, you might want to cover those bases before continuing here.

   Here is where we will go waist-deep in purchasing & inventory with GlasPacLX.

   The videos in this series will show you how GlasPacLX can be used to manage and oversee your purchasing & inventory, and some vendor return info at the end.

Playlist Link:

Individual Video Links:

Here are links to the individual videos in our Purchasing & Inventory series for your enjoyment. :)

   Again. We are here to help you be the most successful you can be with GlasPacLX. We welcome your feedback and input as we strive to make GlasPacLX best-in-class. Feel free to drop us a line if there's something you would like to share.

Thanks again for choosing GTS!



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