1 - Getting Started on GlasPacLX - Series Follow


    We want you to feel comfortable (and successful) with your installation of GlasPacLX as soon as possible.

     The videos in this series will show you how to get started and are intended as introductions to some basic functions in GlasPacLX.

    These videos are posted on Youtube for ease of access. If you prefer to go to Youtube to watch videos there (or make some sweet tutorial + Hello Kitty video mashups), please use the links below.

Playlist Link:

   Here's a Youtube link to take you to the (4) video playlist:

Individual Video Links:

   Need to brush up on one particular section?  The links below will take you to individual videos (on Youtube) in this series.


We are constantly looking for ways to make your experience better. Please feel free to contact us at GTS if you have any questions or suggestions.

Thank you for choosing GTS!

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