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GTS has enhanced the usability of the finder windows to allow each user to customize the look of the finder when displaying a list. These features are user specific, such that a user can save their default view to the data. An example of this could be that a CSR looking to find a specific work order may have different data needs than an inventory manager looking to see if all parts have been ordered/received.

Certain finder windows have a new feature called “column selector”. There is a new icon in the upper left corner of the finder window that allows you to select which columns to display in the finder.


Simply select the columns of data that are meaningful for your particular duties, and hide the rest by unchecking them. By default, all columns are checked.

There is also a feature to Pin/unpin columns:

In this example, the red boxes show “pinned items”. The blue pins are “unpinned”. This feature allows you to select which columns will stay on the left side while you scroll to the right with the horizontal scroll bar.

The blue box shows the scrolled right side, while the left side stays stationary.

Once you have made your changes and like the layout, click on the “Set default” button and your changes are stored for the next time you open that particular finder.


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