Touchpoint (messaging) - Setting up Branch Manager Follow

Open each existing branch and set a branch manager.

    1. Before setting branch managers, make sure each person you will be using a branch manager is set-up as an employee in GlasPacLX. Employee Roles are not important here. Any roles checked will not change availability to be a branch manager.
      • Employee maintenance is available under the Company Menu by selecting Employees.
      • Email address is critical for delivery of order feedback, survey results, and messaging.

        Please note: Make sure each branch manager has an email address entered in the employee record.
        • NOTE: The name on the Employee record must contain first and last name (separated by a space) and must also have an email address.
    2. Under the Company Menu, select Branch Set-up
    3. In the Branch Finder, double-click or select and click the Edit Branch button.
    4. The Branch Manager is now a required field in the branch maintenance window.
    5. Select from a list of Employees in the system. The Branch Manager can be any employee in the system.
    6. Click the Shop Info tag and make sure the Map Position field is flagged green. If not, click [Map Position Lookup].                          
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