Why do my directions error out for Google Maps? Follow


Google recently added a splash screen to their mapping site.  This splash screen causes script errors when GlasPacLX attempts to use the Directions button to map a route.  The following article provides a new web address to resolve the issue.


Click on Company > Settings

Under Application Settings, select Web Mapping Site

Delete the current web address

Copy the following website entry and paste it into the Mapping Website Address box:

http://maps.google.com/maps?force=canvas&saddr={FROMSTREET} {FROMCITY} {FROMSTATE} {FROMZIP}&daddr={TOSTREET1} {TOCITY1} {TOSTATE1} {TOZIP1}

Click Save

You should now be able to use the directions button without getting script errors.



If you get an error message regarding Compatibility Mode, follow the link below to apply a registry patch:

Mapping function reports unsupported browser

Reboot your computer after applying this patch.

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