RightGlass - Enabling RightGlass Follow

RightGlass is a feature available in version 7.2 and beyond of GlasPacLX.

RightGlass is a Glaxis enabled service that verifies what NAGS glass parts needed for a vehicle based on the VIN. This allows a glass shop to know the exact windshield features and colors that originally appeared on the car as provided by the manufacturer.

Note:  Not all vehicle manufacturers participate in the VIN-lookup system. Please click here for a list of covered vehicle makes.

Enabling RightGlass

  1. RightGlass uses the Glaxis settings under External Communications. To reach this open configuration settings at Company > Settings > Application Settings.
    • Enter all the details for the customer’s Glaxis settings.
    • Be sure that this is set to Production Mode

  1. Enable RightGlass on the system in General Applications settings. This is found under Company > Settings > General Application Settings
    • Check Enable RightGlass
    • Fill in the agreement form. Each use of RightGlass costs up to USD$5.00 per click.


  1. RightGlass is enabled in Action Security settings for Security Groups. By default this option is off for all users.


Using RightGlass

RightGlass appears in the NAGS Catalog window during order entry. Items selected by RightGlass will be highlighted in yellow.

RightGlass details are stored in the system. When looking up a VIN that was previously queried in GlasPacLX, it will shows the highlight items. 

  • Click on the NAGS Catalog button in an order. A RightGlass button is available at the bottom of the parts list window. This in disabled until a VIN is entered in the VIN field.
  • Enter a VIN in the VIN field. The RightGlass Inquiry button will be enabled. 

  • Clicking on the RightGlass inquiry button sends a request to the service and a fee will be charged. Selected parts will be highlighted. This includes both aftermarket NAGS parts for all openings and Dealer parts.

  • If you use this VIN on another order, or duplicate the original order these highlighted items will be shown again without charge. The date and time of when that inquiry was made is shown at the bottom of the NAGS parts list. 


  • IMPORTANT NOTE!  Not all manufacturer's makes and models are available for lookup.  For the current list of available vehicles, click here.

If you send a request for a brand or make not currently in the database you will be “Unsupported VIN” in red text beside the RightGlass Inquiry button and you will not be charged. Additional errors such as sending a badly formatted VIN can also be reported.

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