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Yahoo, Inc. has announced the end of their mapping service, effective June 30th, 2015.  

GlasPacLX users who use the Directions functionality (typically from the Customer tab in a Workorder or Quote) may be impacted if their implementation is configured to use Yahoo Maps.  Customers are advised to select a different mapping Web Mapping Site for GlasPacLX.

NOTE:  This does *not* impact the "Display Map" functionality from the Daily Scheduler or other areas of the application.

To update the Web Mapping Site in GlasPacLX:  

  1. Choose Company->Settings... from the main GlasPacLX screen.
  2. Under Application Settings, pick the Web Mapping Site.
  3. Click the "Select Mapping Website".
  4. Click Google, MapQuest or Bing and click "Select Mapping Website".  The new Mapping Website Address will be displayed.
  5. Hit the "Save" button to finalize the configuration.

This Web Mapping Site setting is an application-wide setting and will apply to all users of your GlasPacLX installation.  Yahoo Maps will be removed from future versions of GlasPacLX.  

Please contact GTS Customer Support if you require assistance with this change or have any other questions or concerns.


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