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This is a new implementation feature added to GlasPacLX version 7.8 and newer. This feature requires assistance from GTS Support or GTS Customer Success through the use of a password of the day.

The intention of this utility is to allow GTS implementation for Auto Glass customers to be more automated and less time consuming.

Using this utility will create –

  • Insurance Companies configured for EDI
  • Attach Discounts to Each of them


A user can create which companies they selected, or all of them quickly. In addition, when new EDI companies are added, you can return to the utility to set them up automatically.

  1. Login with the Password of the Day to the Parent branch.
  2. From the Help menu select Technical Support > EDI Organization Creator
  3. In the EDI Organization Creator window select the EDI Traders to create, and click the Process button.
  4. Select the Safelite tab. Then click the Safelite companies to create, and click the Process button.
  5. Select the LYNX tab. Then click the LYNX companies to create, and click the Process button.
  6. Once complete the organizations will be available under Insurance Maintenance. Each will be created with the proper EDI details and assigned a new Discount named for them.

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