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    OK, now we're really moving!  :) You've probably already seen our first two series: Getting Started and Order Entry.  Right? If not, please take a moment to look over those sections and come back to us here when you're ready.

    Now it's time to dive into another useful feature of GlasPacLX: Discounts. (aka: Pricing Agreements)

    The videos in this series will show you more detail about setting up discounts, setting up customers and assigning those discounts to your customers to further streamline your GlasPacLX use.

Playlist Link:

Here's a Youtube link to take you to the (4) video playlist:

 Individual Video Links:

We get it. Sometimes we all just want to get our 'nerd' on. If you'd like to show your coworkers how much of a Youtube expert you really are, here are some links to share with them. It's OK to take some of the credit for the awesome!

   We're still at it. We're working on making our information more usable for you but we're always looking for ways to do it better. If you have a few moments and some sweet new ideas, please feel free to contact us directly.

Thank you for choosing GTS!


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