Touchpoint - Changes to GlasPacLX Messaging Follow

Enabling Messaging

Contact GTS Sales to sign-up for Touchpoint. As part of the process you will receive a messaging key, this is tied to you serial number to enable the messaging service.

  1. To enable, open Configuration Settings under the Company menu, select Settings…
  2. Under Application Settings, select LX Mobile and Messaging Settings
  3. Enable Messaging by checking the Enabled button under Third Party Messaging Settings.
  4. Enter the Messaging Key provided by GTS during the sales process.

Please Note: The Messaging ID is your GlasPacLX Serial number.


Enabling Messaging will update GlasPacLX to show the following items --

  • Branch manager in branch maintenance,
  • Customer contact preference on the customer and ECI tab during order entry, and
  • Messaging status items on the general info and daily scheduler.
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