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Touchpoint is a service integrated into version 7.7 and above of GlasPacLX. This messaging feature delivers updates via email and sms/text messaging to customers as orders are entered, scheduled, updated and complete. In addition, the service can provide follow-up surveys that provide critical assessment of installation technician performance and customer service.

Most of the Touchpoint functionality is handled by the messaging service.

In order to provide the most efficient and timely delivery of updates, data about GlasPacLX orders are updated to a separate local database where they are submitted via the web to the messaging service. Changes to these items can trigger a messaging update to the customer.

The important elements of an order are –

  • Branch/Location
    • The Branch/Location is based on the branch selected on the order in GlasPacLX. The current Branch ID will be sent with the serial number prepended to it.
  • Branch Manager
    • Branch Manager Name
    • Branch Manager Email
    • Branch Managers are copied on responses and survey results for all installers at their location.
    • NOTE: The name on the Employee record must contain first and last name (separated by a space) and must also have an email address.
  • Installer/Employee
    • Installer/Tech Assigned to the order
    • NOTE: The name on the Employee record must contain first and last name (separated by a space) and must also have an email address.
  • Customer
    • Customer Contact Details
    • Customer Contact Preference
  • Order Number
  • Installation Details
    • Time and Date of the Installation
    • Job Complete Time
  • Status of the Order
    • Is the Job Complete-able?
    • Are the parts available for the job?


Multiple Order Handling

Additional orders for the same customer on the same day will be flagged to automatically disable messaging. 

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