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These directions are meant to assist GTS Support Technicians in assisting customers in getting connected using Secure Connect.



Make sure the User Account Control is turned off on the windows operating system. This feature can interfere with installing the new plugin. Refer to the article at this link for help on how to do that:

Turning User Account Control On/Off

Reset Internet Explorer settings. There are some settings that can hinder the plugin installation. Resetting these is the sure way of getting everything back to normal. To do this, click on the “Cog” icon in the upper right hand corner and then select internet options. Click on the advanced tab and at the bottom click on the Reset Button under Reset Internet Explorer settings.

From the same Internet Options menu, select the Security Tab. Highlight Trusted Sites (the green check mark) and click on the sites button. In the Add this website to the zone: box, delete whatever is there and type * and click on Add. Click close, and then OK to exit from the menu.

The PC should now be ready to accept and install the plugin when the user logs in for the first time. Follow the instructions from the link below to get connected.

Note that any previous Internet Explorer favorites or Desktop shortcuts that pointed to the old site will need to be updated to point to the new site.

Secure Connect will not run on versions of Internet Explorer that are older than version 9. Windows XP machines and machines with Internet Explorer 8 or earlier will need to install Firefox. Mac user will not be able to connect using Safari, and must install Firefox as well.

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