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Thank you for making the migration to the new Secure Connect platform. This platform has the latest in security features to ensure your communications with GTS servers and data you share are safe.

Below is some info to get your started:

Browser Support:

  • Windows XP: Firefox
  • Windows Vista: Internet Explorer 9 or Firefox
  • Macintosh OS: Firefox
    Safari may or may not work
  • Windows 7-8.1: Internet Explorer (9-11) or Firefox
  • Windows 10: Internet Explorer (9-11) or Firefox

Connection Instructions:

Connect my PC
Connect my Mac
Connect my Surface
Connect my Android
Connect my iPad


Connect my PC:

Secure Connect site:

NOTE: Be sure to set up your browser (Internet Explorer instructions here). 

Logging On

Once you have reached the new website, you will notice that it looks a bit different.  The first thing is that it only asks for you username.

Enter your username and click the Continue button.  The new website will perform a security check to verify that you are using a valid username and then it will ask for your password.  Type your password, and then click Logon.

The Webtop and GlasPac®LX Desktop

The next screen that displays is your Webtop.  Just like a Desktop, your Webtop contains the icons you need to access your server.

Most users will see only the icon listed below.  (Additional icons will be addressed later in this article).

Click on the GlasPac®LX Desktop icon to connect to your GTS Online server.  If this is your first time using Secure Connect on this computer, you will need to install the browser plugin.  Follow the prompts that appear, to download and install the necessary files.

Once you have installed the files, your GTS Online server screen will display.  If you are unable to connect, please email for assistance.

Accounting Download (Xfer Folder)

Accounting users will have the XFER Folder icon on their Webtop.  The XFER Folder allows you to copy files between your computer and the GTS Online server using a mapped network drive. 

Note:  You can also copy files between your computer and the GTS Online server by selecting the file you want to copy, and using Ctrl + C to copy the file, and Ctrl + V to paste the file on the other computer.

When you click on the XFER Folder icon, you will need to allow a new plugin to download and install on your computer.  You will also be asked to log on with your GTS Online user credentials.  Once this process is completed, a T: drive will be mapped to your computer.  You can access this drive by opening My Computer or File Explorer.


Connect my Surface Tablet:


GTS Online Secure connect requires Microsoft Surface Pro tablets or a Microsoft Surface 3 tablet (that has been upgraded to a Pro edition of Windows). The Surface and Surface 2 tablets run Windows 8 RT, and thus, are NOT supported.


A minimum screen size of 9" is recommended to use GlasPacLX on a tablet device.  Smaller screen sizes can have poor display results.

Using your Surface Pro or Surface 3

Treat the Microsoft Surface Pro tablets and the new Surface 3, upgraded to a Pro edition of Windows, as if it were a Laptop.  The version of Windows that is loaded on the device is a full version of Windows with all its features.


Open a browser window and type HTTPS://

Type your GTS Online username, and hit enter.  Your user account will be verified, and then a password line will appear.

Type your GTS Online password, and hit enter.

Once you are on the Secure Connect Webtop, click My GlasPacLX to launch the connection to your server.

NOTE:  Always remember to click START > Logoff on the GTS Online server when your are done using GlasPacLX for the day.


Connect my Mac:

Please contact the GTS Sales Department if your are not sure if you have Mac support on your user account.

You will need to download and install Microsoft Remote Desktop from the Apple App Store to get connected to your server.

Firefox is suggested for Secure Connect connections due Safari compatibility issues. 

Log on to the Website

Launch your Firefox web browser and then open  You should see a screen that looks like the image below:

Type in your username, and click the Continue button.  Once your username has been verified, you will be asked for your password.  Enter you password, and click Logon.

The next screen will contain icons used to connect to GTS Online.  One of these icons should be named SSL VPN Gateway

Note:  If you do not have this icon, then your account has not been configured for use with a Macintosh computer.  If you have already purchased the Mac connection, contact, otherwise contact the GTS Sales team (1-800-209-2369) for details.

Click on the SSL VPN Gateway icon and follow the installation instructions.  You may have to manually download the file and install it.  You may need to completely close down your browser and log back in for the new plugin to work.

Once the status on the SSL VPN Gateway window changes to Connected, minimize both browser windows, and open Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Configure Microsoft Remote Desktop

Launch the Microsoft Remote Desktop application.  Click the New icon to start creating a new connection.

When the Edit Remote Desktops screen appears, enter the information listed below the image.  Leave all fields not discussed in their default or blank configuration.

  • Connection name:  Enter a name you will remember (eg. GlasPacLX)
  • PC name:  The IP Address number of your server that GTS must provide to you.
  • User name:  Enter your username in the format AD\username.  The AD\ is important, so don't omit it.

Click the Session option at the top of the screen.

Put a check mar in the "Forward printing devices" box.  This will allow your Mac to print from GlasPacLX.

Click the red button at the top left of the screen to return to the main Microsoft Remote Desktop screen.

Click the Start button to launch your connection.  You may receive some warning messages, select the option to continue the connection.  Enter your password when asked, and your connection to your GTS Online server will begin.

If you are having problems getting connected or need the IP Address of your GTS Online server, please email


Connect my Android:


GTS Online Secure connect requires at least Android v4.4(Kit Kat) operating system.


A minimum screen size of 9" is recommended to use GlasPacLX on any tablet device. Smaller screen sizes can have poor display results.


GlasPacLX will be unable to print when run from a tablet device. Tablet connections also do not support the Secure Connect file download option.

Instruction Notes

This document will supply you with most of the settings needed to setup your Android to the new GTS Online Secure Connect. You will still need to contact GTS for your server's IP address referenced in step 5 & 6.

Setup Process

  1. Download the following applications from the Google Play store:
    • F5 EdgeClient
    • Microsoft RD Client
  2. Open F5 EdgeClient then tap "Configure Server"
  3. Enter the name you would like to call this connection (Choose a name that you will recognize as GTS)
  4. Enter "" into the server field
    • Hit OK and then back out to your home screen
  5. Tap Connect to start the tunnel to GTS Online
  6. Enter your username (i.e user1.001) along with your password and tap "Login"
  7. You will be asked to trust the application, select "I trust this application" and touch OK.
  8. You should now see "Connected: 00:00:02" with a green dot next to it.
  9. Open Microsoft RD Client and touch "Add a remote desktop"
  10. Enter the following in the above screen:
    • Connection Name: GTS Server (this can be named whatever you choose)
    • PC Name: (this is the IP Address that you were given by GTS, i.e. 10.168.x.y or 10.169.x.y)
    • Click on the check mark in the upper right and you are done configuring
  11. Click on the configured connection
  12. Login with your username and password (ex.  ad\user1.001).
  13. When done using GlasPacLX, logoff using the START button, and log off option in Windows.
  14. To disconnect from F5 EdgeClient, go to the Notification Bar and select VPN EdgeClient, then choose Disconnect.


Connect my iPad:

GTS Services provides a connection to your GTS Online server from multiple devices, including your Apple iPad. This document will go through the step you'll need to use to get your iPad connected.

Requirements, Recommendataions, and Limitations of the iPad connection

The following items should be reviewed prior to starting the iPad setup for GTS Online:

  • GTS Online Secure Connect requires that your iPad have iOS v.8 or newer operating system installed.
  • A minimum screen size of 9" (standard sized iPad) is recommended for the best screen resolution and ease of use.
  • Printing and File downloading features are not supported on iPad devices.

These applications will need to be downloaded from the Apple App Store to continue with the instructions:

  • F5 BIG-IP Edge Client (F5)
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop (Microsoft RD)

Configuring the F5 BIG-IP Client

Once you've downloaded the F5 application, you'll need to configure the initial settings to make a connection to the GTS Online environment.

Launch the F5 app, tap Setting at the bottom of the screen, and then tap Add Configuration:

On the Configure screen, enter the following information on the lines listed:

  • Description - A name you will recognize as GTS Online
  • Server - HTTPS://
  • Web Logon - Leave this setting in the OFF state
  • User Certificates - Leave this setting in the OFF state
  • Username - This is the name you type to log on to the GTS Online website
  • Password - Leave this field blank as you will be asked for the password when you log on

Once you have this information entered, tap Save at the top right of the screen

Back at the main screen, tap Connection, and then tap Connect in the center of the screen.

Enter your Windows password, for the account you enter above, and select OK.

The Status message in the middle of the screen should change to Connected, and display how long the connection has been open.

Press the round action button on your iPad to return to the main desktop when the program icons are displayed.

Configuring Microsoft Remote Desktop

Now that you have an open tunnel from your iPad to GTS using the F5 application, you need a way to see your Windows desktop. The Microsoft RD application will provide the method for you to see and interact with GlasPacLX.

Launch the Microsoft RD app, and then tap the (+) symbol in the upper right corner.

Tap the Add PC or Server option

Once the Create Connection windows appears, tap the arrow to the right of PC Name

Enter the IP Address supplied to your by GTS for your server, and then tap Done

Next, tap the arrow next to User Name. Verify that Prompt for user name and password is checked, and then tap Add User Account.

Enter you Windows user password in the format AD\username, and then enter your Windows password on the next line. Tap save to complete, and then tap the back arrow to return to the main screen.

A new icon will appear on the Windows RD screen with the IP Address of your server listed under it. Tap the icon to start the Remote Desktop connection.

Continue past any caution messages, and your GlasPacLX server should appear in just a few seconds.



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