Can't Save DATAMAX templates Follow

If GlasPacLX is moved to another drive letter after installation you might not be able to save a DataMax template file.

Use this query to determine if this is the problem

Select * from ExtAcctConfig

Check the PropertyName GenericDocExportTemplate and GenericCustExportTemplate, and their corresponding values.  Verify that these point to the valid LX installation and the directories and files exist.  If you determine the drive letter is incorrect you can use the following queries to set each value correctly.

Update ExtAcctConfig Set PropertyValue = 'E:\GTS\glaspacLX\Export Templates\Invoice.tge'       WHERE PropertyName = 'GenericDocExportTemplate'

Update ExtAcctConfig  Set PropertyValue = 'E:\GTS\glaspacLX\Export Templates\Customer.tge'  WHERE PropertyName = 'GenericCustExportTemplate'

Substitute the correct drive letter for E:\

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