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Once you have downloaded your NAGS (click here for instructions on how to download your NAGS), follow these directions to install the update to your computer.

NOTE:  NAGS should only be installed on your Server.

NOTE:  Have all users exit out of GlasPacLX before installing the new NAGS files.


Installing NAGS

Locate your downloaded file. This will most likely be in the downloads folder of your user account.  If you selected a different location than the downloads folder, open that file location.

Double-click on the NAGS install file to launch the installer.

Click the Run button to allow the installation file to start.

At the Welcome screen, read and follow the messages, and then click Next.

The Choose Destination Location screen should automatically locate where NAGS was previously installed.  Click Next to continue.

Read through the Copyright Agreement screen, and the click the I Agree button.

Click Next to start the installation.

Once NAGS has successfully been installed, read through the Verification Information screen (you can find this information here as well.)  Click Finish to close the installer.

NAGS Pictures

For the sake of size and download speed the NAGS Picture files are not included with the NAGS download.  If you want to download the Picture files as well, click here for instructions.

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