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With the new GlasPacLX installer, there can be issues with writing to the registry. In these cases, the ComApp settings may not get written out. These directions will cover the steps necessary to get the ComApp working.

When making changes the Registry, case is important. If the letters are listed in lower case or upper case in these directions, then they must be entered that way on the computer.

While installing GlasPacLX on Windows 10, the UAC will often interfere with the installation of the ComApp. This is the case even when UAC is set to its lowest setting.

Adding registry keys and values for the ComApp

Open a Command Prompt window, and type REGEDIT to launch the Registry Editor.

Expand the following registry keys:


If the GTSServices key does not exist, right-click on SOFTWARE, and select New > Key. Type GTSServices in the key name field.  Further, if the ComApp Key does not exist, right-click on the GTSServices key and select New > Key. Type ComApp in the key name field.

For each entry, right-click on ComApp, and select New > String Value.  Adjust the Data Values to match the actual server, database, and drive names.

String Value Name             Data Value
DBDatabaseName                      GTSServices_DATBASENAME
DBServerName                          SERVER_NAME\GTS
FileServerPath                      DRIVE_LETTER


GlasPacLX Database Name:     GlasPacLX_training
GlasPacLX Server Name:         CORP-LXTRAINING\GTS
GlasPacLX File Path:               C:\

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