Setting up Online Ordering to Pilkington, PGW and Mygrant Follow

Have the customer request these account specific details from your PGW, Mygrant, and Pilkington reps as detailed below.  Have them forward along the details to GTS.

Pilkington ePOS Login

  • For Pilkington we need the ePOS login details including an account number and password.
  • The account number is usually the same as the web login PID/number. Something like 55333.
  • The password is usually the number plus 000 or some short word, like 55333000 or 55333CLUB. There is normally some confusion over the correct user / pass with Pilkington, it may be best for the customer to get the ePOS and Password directly from their Pilkington rep.


PGW Ship To ID numbers

  • For PGW we need Ship To IDs.
  • These numbers are 4 or 5 digit numbers, they are found on packing slips.
  • Examples, 5044, 15664, 50678.


Mygrant Location ID numbers

  • For MYGRANT we need location IDs.
  • These numbers all begin with C followed by 6-digit account number dash then the three-digit location.
  • Example, If your Account number is C222222, your first ship to location is C222222-001, second is C222222-002, etc.



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