How do I get Lync to work with AudaExplore? Follow


With the migration of Outlook and Lync to AudaExplore, there are some changes with how we connect our PC applications to the new servers.  These directions will assist you in setting up you Lync to connect to the AudaExplore/AudaTex network.



Launch Lync as normal (it will most likely start automatically at logon).

On the main Lync screen, click on the settings (cog shaped) drop down.

Select File > Sign Out

Change your Sign-in Address to your AudaTex address (eg.

Click the Sign In button

The screen will refresh after a few seconds and will ask for your password.  (This password is the same on you user for your AudaExplore account name)

Click the Sign In button again.

The screen will refresh one last time and will ask for your User Name.  Enter na\first.last without anything after it.

Click the Sign-In button one last time, and you will be logged on to the AudaExplore Lync system.  You can search for GTS users and add them to groups for ease of use.

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