Why does GlasPacLX lock up on Credit/Rebill? For v6.31.4975 and older. Follow

Note:  This article covers versions of GlasPacLX prior to 6.31.4977.  If you have version 4977 or newer, please click here.



During the Invoice Credit/Rebill process, GlasPacLX locks up. 



This issue is caused by corruption in the Crystal Reports application that GlasPacLX uses to create orders and reports.  In order to correct this issue, Crystal Reports must be removed and re-installed on your computer.



Before you continue
Make sure you have the installation files for GlasPacLX.  You will need to have these files to install Crystal Reports once you have uninstalled it.  You can email support@gtsservices.com for download instructions if you need a new copy of the GlasPacLX install files.

Uninstall Crystal Reports

If this is the server, have all users close GlasPacLX.  If this is a single user PC, have that user close GlasPacLX.

Open Control Panel > Programs and Features.

Select "SAP Crystal Reports runtime engine for .NET Framework 4 (32-bit)", and click Uninstall.

Once the uninstall of Crystal Reports finishes, open the installation files for GlasPacLX.  Open the Extras\CRYSTAL folder.

Locate the locate the CRRuntime_32bit_13_0.msi file, and launch it.

NOTE:  If you are performing this action on a Windows Terminal Server, please open a Command Prompt and enter the command Change User /Install.  Failure to do this can cause unexpected errors for non-administrative users.

Follow the prompts to complete the installation of Crystal Reports runtime.

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