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An EDI mail file can be one of the following notices: Acknowledgement of Receipt or Acceptance/Rejection reports from the trading partner. System messages or rejection notices from GTS Services. Before you can read your mail, you need to download it using the Sending and Receiving instructions.

To Read EDI Mail Files

From the menu bar, select EDI > Read EDI Mail. The Current EDI Mail Files window is displayed, as shown in this image:

The table displays a list of mail files, their descriptions, and sizes. The Date column refers to when the file was created and saved.

Highlight the mail file that you want to read.

Click the View button. The mail you selected is displayed in the View EDI Mail window.

    Use the scroll bar to read long mail files.

    To print the mail file, select the Print button.

When you are finished viewing the mail file, you can erase it by selecting the Delete button.

To view other mail files in the list, you can select the Close button and repeat the previous steps, or you can use the following navigational buttons:

        To view the first mail file in the list, select the First Mail Item icon.

        To view the previous mail file, select the Previous Mail Item icon.

        To view the next mail file, select the Next Mail Item icon.

        To view the last mail file, select the Last Mail Item icon.

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