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GTS Services has a new way to obtain assistance using our website.



Open the website above, and click the Submit a request link at the top right of the screen.

Select an option from the "Please help us direct your request..." dropdown box.

If you aren't sure what category to select, choose I'm not sure.

Once you have selected a category, the remainder of the request form will display.

Enter the email address that you registered with GTS Services (if any).

Type a Subject for your request.  Once you have entered your request subject, the Suggested articles box will appear and display possible articles you can use to resolve your issue.

If none of the articles displayed look like they cover your issue, continue filling in the Description field of the request.  A fully detailed description will help us to resolve your issue more quickly.

If you have any screenshots or files that pertain to your issue, you can attach them to your request by either clicking the Add file link and browsing to the file(s) or by dragging the file(s) on to the Attachments box.

The final box you will need to fill out is to verify that you are a human and not a computer spammer.  Type the numbers and/or letters that are displayed in the picture.  If you cannot make out the characters, you can click the "Other words please" button to get a new picture or click "I want audio instead" to have numbers spoken to you.

Click the Submit button when you have completed the request form.  You will get an email verifying that we have received you request. 



You may also get an email Welcoming you to the GTS Services Customer Help Center.

Click on the link and enter your Full name and a password

Once you have clicked the Set password button, your request will be submitted to the Support team, and you will be taken back to the support page.  You will be able to see all of your support requests, by clicking on your name, and selecting My Activities.  When updates are made to your support request, you will receive an email updating you on the status.  You can reply to these email messages at any time to update your request.

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