How do I setup Tax By Zip? Follow


GlasPacLX has the ability to apply taxes to orders based on the Zip Code where the replacement or repair is done.  The following steps describe how to setup Tax by Zip settings.



Create Tax Venues

In GlasPacLX, click Company > Tax Venue

  • Click Insert Item
    • Fill in the ID with either the Zip Code or Name of the region
    • Give a clear description of the region.
  • Click Save to apply your settings

Click on Company > Tax Maintenance

Create Tax Maintenance

  • Click Create New Tax Code

  • Create the County tax first
    • Tax ID:  Name of the County
    • Description:  Full description of the tax (eg. Mayes County Tax)
    • Agency:  Who you write the checks to (eg. OTC)
    • G/L Account:  Select TAX
    • Tax Rate:  Percentage rate for this tax
    • Minimum Basis:  Lowest Price amount to apply to this tax (eg. 0)
    • Maximum Basis:  Maximum amount to apply to this tax (eg. 1000000)
    • Tax Product Type
      • Materials: Check the box for "Is Taxable"
      • SourceForBasis drop down and select "Price"
    • Select Tax Venue tab
      • Check all of the County Zip Codes to apply this County tax to
    • Follow the same instructions as above, only create a tax code for each city and assign it to the appropriate zip code (in Tax Venue tab).

Assign Tax Venues to Each Zip Code

Click on Company > Tax by Zip

  • At the top of the window, select your state (eg. OK)
  • Under the drop down for Tax Venue, select the first zip code Tax Venue that needs to be assigned.
  • Highlight the line that matches the zip code
  • Click the Set Selected Sales Tax Venue button
  • Repeat the above steps for each zip code, and then click Save
  • Re-open Tax by Zip to set the next Tax Venue


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